Workshops and initiatives like Dead River Project , initiated by Earth Temple is aimed at spreading awareness towards this crisis and the objective is to sensitize citizens / youth of this country to be conscious of our surroundings and take small but significant actions to curb the wastage of water and to avoid depleting the already vulnerable ground water and other water bodies that are lifeline to any city or villages of our country by dumping waste into them. The three verticals driving these objectives are as below:

Awareness – This is the primary step where DRP aims to reach out to young change makers and engage them with inputs regarding water, water bodies and current state of water crisis looming large through workshops, plays, film screening, music & other interactive ways.

Connecting communities – Reaching out to different localities and helping them understand ways in which water can be utilized optimally and save it from wastage.

Collective solution – The above two activities are intended to drive the engagement towards introducing local level solutions by the stakeholders on the ground. We believe that the problem is best identified and studied by individuals on ground and they are the appropriate source to be assigned the responsibility of introducing and implementing micro level solutions.


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Every image is an untold story that needs to be told visually.Photography is a journey not a destination so is life.This is a photography based workshop conducted by Earth Temple

Dead River Project

Our mission is to create the awareness about condition of water bodies across the nation via workshops, photographs, films and music.